Who is Hussain?

Hussain: A Man of Morals

Hussain ibn Ali is a beacon of inspiration. He is compassionate, empathetic and driven by a deep sense of justice. He had a genuine concern for the well-being of others, especially anyone who is vulnerable and marginalised.

Hussain believed in the inherent worth and dignity of every human being. He was not afraid to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity.

His actions are guided by his devotion to God and a strong moral compass, and he was committed to making a positive impact in the world, even at great personal cost.

Hussain ibn Ali’s qualities were epitomised on the Day of Ashura as he died in the pursuit of upholding social justice.

We are inspired by Hussain and seek to continue his legacy as we spread positive change and create a more compassionate and just world.

Our Story

Inspired by his example, Who is Hussain? was established in 2012.

With dedicated teams spanning 60 locations, we are united in our mission to build compassionate societies.

Our teams organise blood drives, distribute food and clothing, visit orphanages and much more. Our goal? To improve the quality of life of as many people as possible and spread kindness to every corner of the world.

Most recently, we broke the record for the most blood donations in a 24-hour period.

Our teams, despite working on a voluntary basis, have saved over 140,000 lives!

Together, we strive to honour his legacy and create a world where compassion knows no boundaries.

We Want to Create a Better Society!

Who is Hussain? supports communities around the world to help their most vulnerable members.
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