Action Toolkit

We’re building a global movement for moral justice.

We are building a world-first community activism platform. The Action Toolkit will give individuals the ideas and resources they need to take action for social change in their community – based on their location. Who is Hussain aims is to build a global movement of individuals striving for a morally just society. Join us.

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Built for you to take action locally + spark change globally.

The Action Toolkit will be an online community platform that will let you search local social justice initiatives that you can get involved in, as well as download resources to take meaningful action yourself. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions for features we can include when we launch the Action Toolkit.

Geo-location specific social justice causes
Download resources to make social change
Highlight causes local to your community
Join one of our local volunteering teams
Start a local volunteer team in your city
Connect with other local social justice orgs

Who we are

A compassionate & selfless society, inspired by Hussain.

Who is Hussain is a social justice movement striving to build a compassionate & selfless society through volunteer teams in over 90 cities worldwide. We are inspired by the legacy of Hussain. Hussain is a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate stand for moral justice. Read more.