Organize or join a fun and impactful beach cleanup. The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management organizes Coastsweep events from August to November. Check their website for a list of local participating beaches.

Join thousands of the city’s students and citizens in The People’s Climate March. Rally for jobs, justice and bold action on climate in Boston.

Make small lifestyle changes such as becoming concious of the food you eat. Livestock accounts for 14.5% of the world’s emissions. Consider giving up meat once a week to help reduce yearly emissions.

In Massachusetts, the transportation sector is the #1 contributor to greenhouse emissions. Consider changing your commute by taking the T or biking to work rather than driving. You may even beat the traffic!

Reach out to the Climate Action Business Assosiation.This nonprofit aids local businesses in developing more sustainable practices, and teaches local leaders how to become more effective climate chnage advocates.

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