Pledge to stand with The Nature Conservancy as we call on U.S. leaders to stand strong on climate change.A warmer atmosphere causes the planet’s snowpack, glaciers and sea, and freshwater ice to melt rapidly. Melting glaciers and polar ice sheets contribute to unprecedented sea-level rise. Melting sea ice presents darker ocean waters, which absorb more sunlight than ice – heating the ocean more and speeding up a relentless cycle of melting and heating. ”

The Sierra Club is bringing people together to build a powerful and effective environmental movement. The program seeks to provide an effective framework for addressing the damage, risk, and discrimination facing so many communities today. Donate, become a member of the San Jose chapter, or volunteer for an event.

” “https://350bayarea.org/
350 Bay Area is a grassroots movement trying to reduce CO2 emission through
volunteer work helping to raise awareness and dig into policy options. The CO2 in the atmosphere is over 400ppm right now and needs to be reduced to 350. There are local groups based out of many different regions in the Bay Area.

” “https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2019/our-climate-challenge/
The SF Chronicle is working towards using the media to challenge climate
change. They cover stories about climate change around the Bay Area.

” “https://www.spur.org/featured-project/climate-adaptation
Spur is a non-profit organization that promotes good planning and good
government in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their aim is to reduce our carbon
emissions through better regional planning. SPUR’s research and
recommendations are laying the groundwork for how local governments can plan
For these challenges.

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