Economic inequality is perceived in different ways throughout all the countries in the world. “By joining hands with Yuva in one of their projects, you can collaboratively build a Mauritius whose cultural richness serves as the ideal platform for promoting tolerance and cooperation. You can directly impact on their long-term vision of helping children and young people living in poverty, or not being able to have access to basics. Their programs focus on four key outcomes: for kids and young people to graduate healthy, educated, empowered and employed. Yuva have a bold vision: ensuring Quality Education, Good Health, Empowerment and Employment for young people through their programmes to achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and to ensure a bright future of children and young people of Mauritius.You can become a volunteer by registering online on their website You can also Call/SMS/Whatsapp them on +230 52525556 You can also Email them on [email protected]

By becoming a volunteer for the Terrain for Interactive Pedagogy through Arts (TIPA) you can contribute knowledge in specific fields and in turn empower vulnerable children to become active citizens in the Mauritian society by favouring their development through the promotion of interactive pedagogy and education to Art and Culture. TIPA is a Mauritian non-governmental and non-profit organisation that has been intervening in ZEP schools since 2007 to support the teaching of the Arts and the development of citizenship values. By volunteering for TIPA you can participate in their vision to bring about a change in Upbringing Confident and Proactive Children, collaborating in education and Providing Sustainable Communities.To become a TIPA Volunteer and help TIPA in their work for the children.
You can contact on 674 0536 or send an email on [email protected] website:

If you are in Mauritius and unemployed, you can contact YEP (Youth Employment Program) and register for their program on program assists the youth (aged between 16 and 35 years of age) to ensure appropriate training is provided to develop and enhance skills needed for workforce with the possibility of permanent employment. This program also assists employers in obtaining applicable skilled manpower.
You can contact them on +230 405 0136 / +230 405 0182.
You can also write to them on their address:
Skills Working Group (SWG) Secretariat
Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training
8th Floor, Victoria House
Corner St Louis and Barracks Street
Port Louis.

By becoming a volunteer for The Lovebridge Team, you can help them by being part of their long term vision of creating a strong Mauritian nation by building bridges between the citizens from different walks of life as well as reinforcing the independence of families living in poverty. This NGO organisation helps targetted families by intervening on issues related to health, education, housing & employment. A qualified and coordinated team comprising of fieldworkers & psychologists spend 8 to 10 hours per month and provides support to each beneficiary family. They are now present in 9 districts across the Island. Their volunteers, or Agent of Change, build simple, human relationships with the families involved, aid them in setting up small scale projects, gives them much needed advice and moral support, all of which is needed to combat poverty and economic exclusion as well as enhance within them the process of empowerment.
You can become a volunteer by registering online on their website
You can also contact them on +230 697 8011.
You can also send queries or comments to their address:
Lovebridge, c/o Ferney Spinning Mills, Royal Road, Forest-Side, Mauritius.

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