Helping with start up business for widows (micro financing).

“Short courses for women: Tailoring, Computers, Crochet, Religious Studies English, and Lectures. Regular Exhibitions by our members helps in building their confidence and marketing skills. We also have a Kharze Hasana project and Small Loan Scheme which involves members and staff given the chance to borrow without paying interest. Many have benefited small loans to take care of businesses, buying plots and seeds, building houses and to take care of other issues. This is paid back on a monthly basis. ”

” Sustainability of economic growth and access to decent jobs for poor urban people is one of our important aims.
• In this way supporting small business, start up new business, create Mama Green Africa to make handcrafts and marketing them are part of our tasks.
• Opening technical center for the youth of the communities to teach them important skills to start and find jobs and earn income has done as well.
• Encouraging youth and women and train them how to be creative and start from zero”

Providing of artificial Limbs to amputee to enable themselves to be independent again and be able to carry on with their lives and provide for themselves financialy for themselves and their familys .

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