Education is linked to economic mobility, but not everyone has equal access to an adequate formal education experience. City Team helps thousands of under-priviledged students with school supplies and resources to help them succeed. Invest in the future generations by donating school supplies or even setting up a backpack drive in your city. ”

First Place for Youth’s mission is to help foster kids build the skills they need to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency and responsible adulthood. They support almost 2,000 foster youth ages 16 to 24, with resources including housing to pave the way to their success. Donate towards the growth of the cause, currently present in 3 counties: Alameda, Santa Clara and San Francisco.

” “https://www.callprimrose.org/ways-to-help
Call Primrose is a drop-in food pantry, providing grocery assistance to low income families and individuals. Funds and food donations are received from private foundations, businesses and service organizations, and through various Peninsula city and county grants. Located in Burlingame.

” “https://larkinstreetyouth.org/get-involved/
Larkin Street Youth Services provide comprehensive services that meet young peoples’ needs in terms of housing, education, employment and health. Young people have access to trained staff to explore career pathways, pursue internship opportunities, untangle financial aid requirements, and get job placement support. Located in San Francisco.”

Students Rising Above invests in low-income, first generation college students who have demonstrated a deep commitment to education and strength of character in overcoming tremendous odds of poverty, homelessness and neglect. Their graduates are breaking the cycle of poverty within their own families, serving their communities, and providing a new generation of leaders. Located in San Francisco.”

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