Sharing the harvest food bank Kenya Mombasa
Call +254 722 645003

Donate to and/or volunteer with the Red Cross Kenya in providing food relief to vulnerable families in Mombasa during crisis.

Donate towards providing food relief during the Month of Ramadhan to over 7000 families anually serving 25 different areas.

Support local charities in providing food aid to impovershed and vulnerable families on the Island. Many families have not benefitted from food distribution initiatives. If you know of anyone who is struggling with providing food for their families, reach out and support them in any possible way. Every little helps.

Create your own local group from your neighborhood and liaise with other small organisations in providing food relief to those vulnerable in your neighborhood. You are strong as your weakest Neighbour. Uplift the standard of your neighbour and you shall uplift society.

Give back to Glad’s house Kenya, working on the streets of Mombasa to distribute food to children and young people who have been forced into that situation without any support. Donate to the Big Chance to help them support marginalised children at a time when they need it the most.

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