Get involved with Safina Charity as they aim to create awareness about the plight of the less fortunate, disabled & orphans in our community, and find ways to assist them medically, through education and self sustainable projects. [email protected]

Donations of Food Parcels in Ramadhan and during the pandemic of Covid-19. “We are always honor to be helpful especially in all critical situation.

We are Providing food and non-food items for vulnerable families the preparation and packaging are done in our center;
* Distribution will be done in small groups, and on daily basis.
* Manageable groups of families per day
* We have door to door drop-offs and also collection from specific centers
* Families will be identified a day in advance and packages will be delivered to head of family.”

In Ramadan , food Parcels are given every year depending on the donations received to as many areas as possible. We also do Goat Sadaka and is done at various centers around Kenya.

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