Gender inequality

This NGO has three fixed objectives for the impoverished children of Burundi. Protect, Educate and advocate for their rights. Volunteers are welcome to step and offer services to meet any of these three objectives.

“This local NGO is in existance since 2013 and their mission is to provide the necessary help for women to become socially independent individuals in society. One of their recent projects was to give training in rice cultivation. Women with potential are trained in various capacities and given the resources to start their own businesses. Anyone with the right training can contact the organisation and volunteer their skills.

” Between the year 2013-2017, in partnership with FIFA, a project called, ‘project HOPE’ was put in place for young boys, to get acquainted and show their physical skills. Contact HOPE and see how you can help to make a difference in the lives of these young boys. aima[email protected]

“This is an association working towards promoting the rights of Burundian women. They have many on going projects, so check out the blog to see how you can help.
This is their physical address is anyone around the area would like to call on them.
ROHERO II, Avenue Mgamba, Parcelle 18. Bujumbura Burundi
Tel : 257 22254231

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