Lack of eduction

In 2008 this Australian organization sponsored an amazing ‘state of the art’ school in RUKAGO, a remote area in the south east of Burundi where the local kids are thriving and getting the best education anyone can offer! You too can make a difference in the lives of these children, by visiting them and taking part in their activities. –

This NGO has three fixed objectives for the impoverished children of Burundi. Protect, Educate and advocate for their rights. Volunteers are welcome to step and offer services to meet any of these three objectives. –

“This local NGO is in existance since 2013 and their mission is to protect children and provide the necessary help for them to secure their futures and become socially independant in society. One of their recent projects was to get the youths into the fishing industry and ‘show them the ropes’.
Those with the right skills and motivation can contact this organization and help to improve the future lives of young men and women who have talents but no way of channeling them.

” “BUTERERE is one of the poorest and most vulnerable neighborhood’s of Bujumbura. In 2014 this organization identified the need to step in and take charge of children who were so impoverished that they were found scavenging for food amongst the rubbish tips!!
Some of these kids are mostly orphans, street children or those who have family issues.
Their main objectives are :
– Identification of vulnerable children in the area of action;
Collection of children who lived by begging and searching for food at the dump;
School reintegration of identified children;
Educational monitoring of beneficiaries (granting of school fees and school materials);
Follow-up of children in reinforcing lessons seen in class;
Supervision of children in socio-cultural activities (drum training for boys and cultural dances for girls);
Motivation for children to follow the school curriculum by feeding them at the center during reinforcements;
Taking care of all medical consultation in case of illness for children: Distribution of prescription drugs to children (in case of illness); Etc

” Want to be a champion for children and women with UNICEF? Apply asap !

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