Lack of education

Building of classrooms for early childhood developement for villages in Kilifi county at Roka and Benzaro and providing and paying for teachers.

Helping in paying school fees for local school children (Orphans)

Join Green Africa. Their main objective is Education and Awareness Program in Schools , for youth and women slum areas. Children of the schools will participate to conserve their ecosystem and solve environmental –problems leading in significant improvements with their own efforts. We will make the schools and communities into Nature Protection Centers and each of them will be a member of the center as a Guardian of Nature. See how you can get involved at ”

Join ABSN, and get involved in the following work: Education (school fees), porridge for children in Madressas, widows, orphans sick people and farming. Emergency help includes Death, Hospitalization and Medical, Marriage assistance, Funeral expenses, Transport. Re -building homes due to floods and fires. In Ramadan , food Parcels are given every year depending on the donations received to as many areas as possible. We also do Goat Sadaka and is done at various centers around Kenya.To help the needy and deserving Muslim students with limited financial resources who display academic excellence and desire to acquire knowledge and skills to enhance self-reliance by pursuing their education through our sponsorship scheme. ”

Scholarships provided for local students to local universities for any children who cannot afford . Students have Graduated to be Lawyers , Teachers , Doctors ,Advocate , Masters in Developement studies , Degree in Education , Mathematics , Public Health etc

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