Lack of education

Volunteer at working with Zanzibar Focus Foundation in providing basic training for students,teachers and community with the aim of increasing the potential talents and suport the goals of ministry of education and students at secondary and diploma level enabling them to become proffesionals and skilled workers.

Volunteer at Tamani Foudnation to help improve the success of our students by providing early childhood education and access to an english immersion nursery and primary education. [email protected]

Get in touch with Zanzibar Schools project to prioritise safety with preschool education, introducing new system where any sort of physical or emotional abuse will not be tolerated, children must feel comfortable, safe and eagerto learn and develop. [email protected]

Help by sharing your knowledge with ZOP(Zanzibar Outreach Program) at improving the community’s access to education every student should be given equal opportunity to state their opinion on anything related to eductaion. [email protected]

Get Involved with your local community to make it a conscious effort to serve education not only to the orphans but to all childrens who are unable to get opportunity to study/ grow themselves into it. SOS (Children Village Zanzibar) to provide more opportunity to children.

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