When you go for your morning coffee, pay for an extra one in advance so someone in need can enjoy a hot beverage too. One cafe that’s passionate about paying it forward is Light Square’s Lime Square Cafe. It has provided more than 300 coffees and nearly 200 meals to Adelaide’s homeless, thanks to the generosity of its patrons. Whitmore Square’s Cafe Outside the Square is another supporter of the less fortunate. The not-for-profit cafe provides hospitality training for underprivileged groups and, once the cafe closes to the public, volunteers from Vinnies come in and serve meals to the homeless. Meals purchased throughout the day help fund meals supplied to the homeless at night. Details at 8410 9077 (Lime Square Cafe) and cafeoutsidethesquare.org.au

Not-for-profit organisations such as the Hutt Street Centre rely on kind-hearted people to lend a helping hand. Each week the centre has 180 volunteers assisting in a range of areas, from fundraising and admin to events and meal prep. Volunteer positions currently up for grabs include kitchen support, which help serving meals and washing dishes, and a nutrition volunteer who is able to help develop a cookbook for those who have recently moved into housing. For more information and to apply, phone 8418 2546

Become a fundraiser for: Backpack Bed for Homeless


Donate online towards the salvation army:


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