Help the homeless, by joining this facebook to keep up to date:
https://www.facebookEsperança is an English-speaking volunteer group
co-founded by Liverpudlian Julie Stephenson. The volunteers go out twice
a week and distribute food, clothing and chat to the homeless in Barcelona.
Sign up here:

Helping the most vulnerable and homeless on the streets of Barcelona making a world where nobody sleeps on the streets possible.

A smaller organisation which works on the basis of giving those who are living on the streets hope to live for tomorrow, giving them items of clothing and food. Join the facebook page and see how you can help

Help out your neighbours who have fallen on hard times, and either collaborate by volunteering your time or give funds to the cause here:


Sometimes those who live on the streets need a way to improve the quality of their life, offering a space of positive relationships, and providing breakfast for the vulnerable.


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