Food Blessed, and NGO working on ending hunger and foodwaste, will have installed fridges in many areas around Beirut to encourage people to leave their surplus food. You can make the small effort of collecting your unwated food and placing it in one of their fridges. You can also volunteer at one of their soup kitchens where you can help cook for those less fortunate.

Volunteer at the Annual Inter-faith Iftar hosted by WIH and Order of Malta, where we invite underprivelaged families to a lovely iftar where they break bread together inspite of their differences.

Join the ” Adop A Family” Program that will soon be launched by WIH, where we act as a link between a family in need and the donors. A person would be selected as an “angel” for one of the families where he/she would understand their case and try to help them in many ways (food, clothing, education…)

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