The Focolare Movement is comprised of more than 24 thousand people in 290 groups spread throughout Burundi. There have been some interesting achievements in the economic field and some innovative things are happening in the fields of health and education. In 1999 a group of volunteers of the Focolare Movement founded the CASOBU Association (Cadre Associatif des Solidaires du Burundi), with the goal of seeking durable solutions to the problems of poverty, through the process of participation and mutual support. You too can become a volunteer and help those in need.

“Between 1992 and 2002, it was noticed that political conflicts had effected many of the population severely and poverty had risen at an alarming rate and children were getting misplaced, so SOS Bujumbura constructed a ‘village’ in an area of Bujumbura, called NYAKABIGA, comprising of 13 families and their children and from their grew a whole establishment where they now have a school, hospital and other facilities.
Visit the village and see how you can help them, or check out this site and see how you can become a qualified and trained ‘SOS mother’ and be a daily part of the children’s upbringing.
” “Contact this organization if you’re looking to helping the needy in Bujumbura
Youth Building in Synergy to end Poverty (YBSP)
Address: Rohero, Boulevard du 1er Novembre
Immeuble Peace Corner
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 75315583
” “How can you help the homeless?
One way is to provide blankets to those labourers who sleep outside shops in the commercial area of Bujumbura called ‘Quartier Asiatique’. They settle down after work at 6pm until 6am the following morning. Bujumbura nights are quite chilly during the ‘summer’ months.,589900971n

The “Chiara Luce Badano Social Center” was also begun, which cares for orphan children or children in extreme conditions of poverty in the Kinama quarter (outskirts of bujumbura), an area that was completely destroyed by the war.” “A safe way to feed the Street children and mothers with babies (without being ambushed) is to go on a Friday to the Islamic cultural centre in Quartier Asiatique and hand out packed hot meals. Always refrain from giving cash to the needy as this is against the government rule.
Rue de l’Imbo
Quartier asiatique, BP 1535
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+257 22 21 34 54

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