Poverty & homelessness: collaborate with partners at soup kitchens such as Ladles of Love (www.ladlesoflove.org.za) and Soup Dragons (https://www.facebook.com/groups/soupdragonsct/)

cook some hearty soup, drive to a central location for eg. police station or clinic etc. and distribute to the many homeless in need

picket at your local municpality to raise awareness of the plight of homelessness. Resource: Social Justice Coalition http://sjc.org.za/)

Contact local ward councils to advovate for affordable housing solutions for the homeless, “back-street dwellers” and those living in squalor in townships. https://provincialgovernment.co.za/units/view/118/western-cape/human-settlements

visit, donate toys and bring joy to kids in shelters such as One Plek Project (www.onsplek.org.za), The Homestead Projects for Street Children (https://homestead.org.za).

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