Look for people who are willing to put in some hard work and empower them by giving them somehing they can start a business with, it could be small loan. Wipahs has empowered over 500 people and continues to date. www.wipahs.co.tz

Alot of Children leave very early for school since school could be far and most of them are from very poor families who cannot afford a 3 time meal. Lions club Dar es Salam’s Nimeshiba Mama Hunger Relief Service, provides warm Uji for Local school children 3 times a week. https://www.facebook.com/lionsclubofdsmtanzanites/

A school of 900 Children has only 5 classrooms, some either have to study outside or a class has to hold over 90 students. There is a huge need for classrooms inorder to accomodate children for efficient learning. Comfortaid international not only assists with classroom but also provides desks for school children. www.comforaid.org

Parents who cannot afford meals for children, often struggle with providing the children with basic stationeries for use in school. A backpack/stationeries drive would be ideal in these circumstances. Care Aid Africa assists chidren by providing them with basic stationeries for the young children and laptops for students in University. www.careaidafrica.org

Health is a Priorirty, unfortunately Parents cant afford to take their children for a Regualr Health/ Eye/ Dental Check up, Volunteer with Lions Club DSM, Maisha Njema and Beta Charitable Trust, who often carry out such health checks. www.facebook.com/pages/category/Local-Business/Maisha-Njema-Foundation https://www.facebook.com/lionsclubofdsmtanzanites/ www.betacharitabletrust.org

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