The Bay Area’s displaced community members are increasingly desperate for basic resources including food and water. All are welcome at Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen, where free hot meals are served five days a week. Based in San Jose, they partner with other non-profits in the Bay Area to support impoverished families, and you can get involved by volunteering or donating towards meals.”

St. Anthony’s goes above and beyond in service of the community by providing free clothing and shoes to those in need. They accept like-new clothes donations and have volunteer opportunities, Located in San Francisco.

” “https://www.projecthomelessconnect.org/
Project Homeless provides a platform to connect to many different agencies, organizations, and businesses, to provide support to the people living on the streets of San Francisco. Partnering with local organizations and leaders allows for them to provide food, shelter, medical resources, and more to the homeless. You can get involved in outreach walks and community service events.

” “https://svdp-sf.org/what-we-do/msc-shelter/
MSC-South is a branch under the St. Vincent De Paul Society which helps against homelessness and domestic violence within the SF area. MSC provides all the basic needs to the homeless that many take for granted (shelter, food, clothes, etc). Their mission goes beyond just helping the homeless in terms of daily necessities but they work to provide a platform for the homeless to thrive and stand up on their own feet. You may donate or get involved by volunteering in serving and providing care to the homeless.

” “http://www.mnhc.org/community_programs/mission-neighborhood-resource-center/
The Mission Neighborhood Resource Center gives the homeless resources such as housing, laundry, showers, medical help, as well as community programs. You can help by donating to their cause or raising money to have certain programs for the homeless or donate to specific charities.

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