Become a Volunteer with ZOP (Zanzibar Outreach Program) which relies on private local donations and collaborations with other NGO’s both in tanzania and overseas, this improves the community’s access to health care, clean water and education.

Volunteer at Tamani Foundation in homeless helping student to meet the rigors of secondary education through an english immersion nursery and primary educational program.

Support the ZAFAYCO (Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization) in promoting young people through awareness raising, capacity building and networking programs which are youth centred, enviromental friendly and development oriented.

Get Involved with ZAPA (Zanzibar Anti Poverty Association) to improve welfare and properr living standards of vulnearable groups at large through proper utilization of available resources such as hygiene kits and meals.

Volunteer at Zanzibar Volunteer to provide local communities in zanzibar with sustainable projects that will lead to long term jobs and employment and achieve economic independence. Www.

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