Participate in YW Boston’s annual Stand Against Racism. Host a pledge board at your local place of work and sign up to facilitate a conversation about race and inequality in your community.

Introduce the Celtic’s Playbook Initiative to your local schools or youth community.The Playbook, available on the Celtics website, includes 25 student authored situations which serve to inspire conversatons surrunding racism and bias.The aim is to provide young people with the tools they need to intervene in difficult social situations.

Support ACLU Massachusetts in pushing key legislation such as the Safe Communities Act, Access to Justice, and Traffice Stop Data Collection, which primarily impact marginalized communties.

Advocate for diversity training in your workplace. Inclusion Boston helps organizations develop and refine inclusive policies and practices to nurture equal oppurtuity environemnts.

Be an engaged and informed member of your comunity. What matters most is the decisions you make in your day to day life. Speak out against racism or bias when appropriate, but also recognize when it is your place and time to listen instead.

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