“Participate in webinars or attend on-campus events hosted by IFYC (interfaith youth core), an organization created to bring people together around our most complex and important social challenges

“Support ACLU Illinois in their initiatives to promote racial justice and resolve conflicts of discrimination that primarily affect communities of color.

“Encourage your workplace to host a diversity workshop, or to attend a workshop held by EnrichChicago. This organization provides participants with a framework for understanding systemic racism and it’s manifestations in today’s workplaces and society.

Encourage action via social media to combat racism and include the trending United Nations hashtag #FightRacism to raise awareness via Twitter

Join the campain that the guys at Chicago Equity and Transformation (EAT) are involved in, and see how they are trying to build a society that is safer for the black members of the community as well as achieving social and economic equity for the Black members of the Chicago communtiy. https://www.eatchicago.org/

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