Water and sanitation

Diseases are very common issues in DRC specially Cholera and Ebola, the international NGO Unicef supplies pure waterand medicines to those who cnnot afford it in order to make sure that their recovories be speedy and sane https://instagram.com/unicefrdcongo?igshid=1bfe1n3ja85lb

Help Unicef in providing clean and drinkable water in DRC. Unfortunately many deaths in DRC are linked to poor water quality and by helping provide to tackle this issuse. See how you can get involved at https://instagram.com/unicefrdcongo?igsh

Help in the fight against COVID-19 at HJ Hospital, which is one of the organizations that has provided a Covid Center of 200 beds and oxygen machines to assit the infected citizens. https://www.hjhospitals.org/fr

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