Water and sanitation

Ray of Hope is an NGO working to help homless people. They run fooddrives on Saturday night by serving hot meals for the homeless. You can get involved and contact them https://www.facebook.com/Rays-of-Hope-575721522511878/ Love Bridge is an A political, government affiliated NGO that works along side with the private sector to help fight poverty in Maurtius. You can find out more at https://www.lovebridge.mu/en

You may also join WIH Mauritius who are providing monthly foods essentials to needy families around Mauritius , and organising food drives for the needy several times in a year . You can conatct tgem through their FB page https://www.facebook.com/WhoIsHussainMauritius or you can contact them on their email address: [email protected]

“To help infants and children from needy households you can join
All in One welfare association
Contact nbr : 58476102 who provide milk to babies , food and uniform to the children ,
and also medicines , transport to hospitals, and wheelchairs to the needy or handicapped people .”

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