Think Morality

Think Morality is a campaign by Who is Hussain which aims to explore the vast and diverse subject of morality – what it means to us as individuals and how it impacts society as a whole.

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Understanding Morality

With growing inequalities, social injustices and divided societies across the world, could reviving moral values be the answer? If so, how should morality be defined and by whom. These are the questions we will endeavour to learn more about through this campaign. Take part by completing a short survey at the end of this page.

This campaign times itself with the first month of the Islamic Calendar, Muharram, the month in which Hussain is mourned. Hussain was a 7th century revolutionary leader who stood for social justice, and his legacy inspires millions worldwide.

Hussain’s Morality

When Hussain rose 1400 years ago in defiance of an oppressive tyrant, he felt morally obliged to do so and in turn inspired generations since to take a firm stand against injustice – no matter where in the world it’s taking place. Hussain, in his own words, wanted to revive the moral values of his society which he saw were in decline.

For Hussain, the foundation of social justice was deeply rooted with the moral values of every individual, which collectively form society. Today, with ever growing tensions and people desperately seeking a solution to the ills of society – could following the example of Hussain provide the answers we are looking for?

Your Morality

We want to know your views on this complex subject which can perhaps shed a light onto the thinking of the average person living in the world today. Take part in our short survey below!

In addition to asking questions about morality, our teams of volunteers around the world will be hosting dozens of events aimed at helping those most vulnerable and in need. From feeding the homeless to donating blood and much more. Why not consider attending one of these events too?

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