What is ‘Who is Hussain’ all about?

Who is Hussain empowers communities around the world to organise charitable events for the common good. We aim to inspire individuals through the timeless example of Hussain ibn Ali, and the universal values he stood for; those of justice, compassion and dignity.

We have a global network, made up of volunteers from all faiths, with over 70 Representatives spanning 26 different countries worldwide. From helping the homeless and feeding the hungry, to donating blood to save lives, our Global Representatives are united in their efforts to inspire and bring positive change. Our activities and events are founded on the universal principles of peace, tolerance and charity. We look to build relationships in the communities where we work, addressing local needs.

We help people of all faiths and our volunteers are from many different backgrounds.

Who is Hussain is not about converting people to Islam. We want to give everyone the tools to help their local communities. The organisation is inspired by Hussain, and our activities seek to inspire compassion and motivate individuals to make a difference. We want people to get involved and help out – whether they themselves are inspired by the story of Hussain or not. What matters is that our activities bring people together and are based on universal, humanitarian, charitable values to make a difference in communities.

Examples of our work include:

About Hussain ibn Ali

Hussain stands as a notable universal champion of morality. His story is the archetype that reminds us of the importance of standing up for what is right. In every land and time, for every nation and race, Hussain’s story provides inspiration and encouragement for people: to become aware of oppression and to take steps, however small, to speak and act against it.

Hussain continues to be remembered by millions worldwide for his stand against injustice. Hindus, Christians, Muslims of all sects and those of no faith at all recognise his sacrifice, and his legacy. To find out more about Hussain or the organisation, please click here.

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