A Worldwide Event


Be part of a world record-breaking challenge on Saturday 27th August that will collect in excess of 50,000 units of blood across one calendar day.

The World Together

As the world recovers from COVID 19, donor blood is needed more than ever to save people’s lives as stocks continue to deplete. By donating blood you can do something truly heroic – making a personal, positive contribution to save lives.

The Who is Hussain Foundation (a UK based charity) has representatives in over 60 locations globally. These teams will be joining hands with national blood organisations, civil society groups, businesses and grassroots communities to rally together and donate blood for this incredible cause.

We invite you to join communities across the world, and register your interest today!

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Be Part of History. Be a Hero.

Register your interest today

If you cannot find a location near you, why not consider starting a Who is Hussain team?


The impact of a global pandemic led to us witnessing an incredible and unparalleled community spirit in all corners of the world. Let’s build on that energy, and help positively change the lives of thousands more. Unite with other blood donors on August 27 and you can be part of an ambitious and powerful world record-breaking attempt.

Join us for what promises to be a momentous and impactful event.

An Extraordinary Event


27th August 2022


Teams across 6 continents


Blood Organisation Partners


Units of blood donation in a day


Lives can be saved potentially

1 hour = 3 Lives Saved

Just one hour of your time can save up to three adult lives, or seven infant lives. Saving lives couldn’t be simpler.

Blood donation is required for so many different situations, whether it be in emergencies, childbirth, or supporting critically ill patients. Whatever the reason, blood is always in need. Thousands of people donate blood every day, and help give the gift of life. Such a beautiful act of giving is genuinely safe and simple.

We’re aiming to break a world record, and help save the lives of 150,000 people worldwide.

Get Involved

We know that, despite passionately wanting to do so, some people are unable to donate blood. But you can still make a difference. We have teams worldwide working hard to make this day the best it can be – and they require your help.

If you are unable to give blood, sign up as a volunteer on the day or make a donation to help us do more amazing work around the world.

Every act of generosity will make a huge difference.

Be a Volunteer