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The Fresh Start Project

In collaboration with SOAS and City University Relief Society, based in London, we aim to raise £35,000 by the end of 2022, to increase awareness and help local African communities sustainably prosper.

We have already helped 30 people in Mbeya with eyesight surgery as part of the project. There are 60 more patients that will be receiving the surgery as planned, along with the rehabilitation of children in Kinshasa and water facilities in Mombasa the Fresh Start Project promises to be life-changing for so many.

These projects will focus on establishing societal and medical necessities in three different locations in need: Mombasa (Kenya), Mbeya (Tanzania) and Kinshasa (Congo).

Target: £12,700


Focusing on street child rehabilitation and placement into orphanages. We have committed to housing 21 children into orphanages where they will be provided with basic needs such as food, clothing, education, therapy etc.

Target: £7650


Seeking to establish a medical eye camp that specialises in cataract eye surgery. The lives of up to 90 people with eye damage will be transformed. The medical camp would ensure optimum patient care as well as provide post-surgery follow-ups.

Target: £14,650


The construction of two water facilities capable of providing a community of 2,000 people with clean water for the next 10 years.

Together with SOAS & City University RSOC, the Who is Hussain Foundation aims to try and make basic human necessities accessible to as many communities as possible.

This can only happen with your support and donations; we encourage you to help make a difference and hopefully we can achieve a positive change together. All the funds raised for these causes will be used entirely towards serving the beneficiaries, and any funds raised above the target will be allocated to one of the projects where it is found most beneficial.

We hope to visit the various camps and projects in these regions to personally distribute the money raised and help as much as we can whilst we are there.

We thank you in advance for your generous donations!