5 ways the coronavirus pandemic is making a positive impact

Over the past few months, the majority of news and media platforms have been saturated with the unsettling death, illness and economic destruction Coronavirus has caused. Understandably, with death tolls increasing at an alarming rate daily, and cases of those infected increasing by the hundreds in almost all countries globally, this comes as no surprise. But surely every dark, devastating cloud, has a silver lining?

Since several countries imposed nationwide lockdowns, we’ve heard some positive effects emerging as a result. The canals in Venice are becoming clearer, ‘good quality air’ days in China have increased by 21.5% and a significant decrease in CO2 emissions globally has resulted. But what other notable consequences have come out of the pandemic? Here’s a short, but not exhaustive, list:

1. Heightened community spirit

As we come to terms that all of us, globally, are facing this crisis, there is a greater sense of ‘togetherness’. A sense of unity in tackling the effects of this crisis – collectively. Communities are coming together to ensure individuals are looked after and morale is kept high. From retailers to celebrities, from royalty to footballers, so many are sharing their talents and bringing entertainment to the masses via online platforms, to ensure the negative effects of this difficult time are dulled.

2. Better health and hygiene

People are taking extra steps (quite literally!) to maintain their health by taking regular walks. With a number of countries in lockdown, leaving the house is restricted for the absolute necessities – with exercise being one of them in some. More and more people are taking to their local streets for brisk walks, jogs and runs (all whilst ensuring social distancing measures are maintained), as often it is the only chance of fresh air they may get. People are washing their hands more, as advised by numerous governments to contain the spread of the virus, and on the whole being more cautious of their personal hygiene.

3. Less food waste

With much of the global population in lockdown and visits to supermarket becoming more and more cumbersome, with social distancing measures and limited supplies on offer, people have begun to use up those tins at the back of the cupboard, emptying out contents of their freezers, and utilising that near-expired vegetable to experiment and create new and wonderful recipes. Creativity in the kitchen is at its peak as individuals make use of what they already have and reducing food waste in the process. Various food agencies are also coming together to tackle the issue head on.

4. Extra care for the vulnerable

Much has been done to raise awareness of those most vulnerable during this time. Supermarkets and other retailers have implemented measures to support the vulnerable and elderly, and a call for individuals to keep an eye out for those who live nearby that are vulnerable, to ensure that they are well looked after.

5. Neighbourly outreach

Like the vulnerable, individuals are also doing more within their neighbourhoods to look out for one another. Friendly chatter, singing and dancing (all at a distance) is being witnessed around the world. People are connecting with those in close proximity to keep morale high and maintain their own and their neighbour’s emotional wellbeing in the process. Postcards like these can be dropped into letterboxes to support neighbours, especially those who are lonely or vulnerable and need that extra bit of help, or someone to talk to during these challenging times.

Overall, there is much good being done at the grassroots level, despite the global suffering, as we realise, we are all in it as one. Humanity is at its best, which just goes to show, we truly can all unite. Let’s just hope once the crisis is over, that we can continue to recognise and prioritise what is important.

Our health, our planet, and most of all, each other.

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