Hope for Humanity

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Hope for Humanity

Hope for Humanity is a campaign to encourage amazing individuals like you, to take small steps towards making a big change in the world.

As part of the campaign, our reps around the world will be organising a series of charity events which you can take part in and support. Click here to find an event,  alternatively, you can check our Global Reps Directory to find one of our reps near you.

The 40 Day Challenge

We hope to bring the world together, from all beliefs and backgrounds, to take part in our global Hope for Humanity Challenge!

The Hope for Humanity Challenge will be an exciting 40-day challenge designed to help you make a positive difference in the lives of other people and the world around you – through selfless acts of kindness. The 40-day challenge will start on 2nd October 2017, the day after Ashura.

To join the challenge, enter your email address and we’ll send your daily challenge to your inbox!

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A simple word, yet probably the most powerful notion a human can possess. Whether you hope for peace, equality and justice or maybe you hope for good health and happiness – we all hope for something. Hope unites humanity.

For millions around the world, one man is the greatest symbol of hope in times of darkness. That man is Hussain. Hussain gave everything he had for the sake of humanity, and in doing so, he himself became a hope for humanity.

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