Hussain Inspires

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In a world plagued with increasing inequality and social injustice, it’s easy to give up – but there is still hope. That hope starts with you.

#HussainInspires is a campaign by Who is Hussain which aims to inspire hope across the globe through the example of the stand made by Hussain ibn Ali. We want to unite people around the world to inspire hope for a brighter future for generations to come, just like Hussain did 1400 years ago.

Hussain ibn Ali was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate sacrifice for social justice in the face of corruption and tyranny. In the face of adversity, he stood alone. He died to bring down a despot and his cruel regime. Hussain’s stand is an example of how every one of us can inspire hope in a world of desperation and despair – regardless of colour, creed or religion.

Who is Hussain aims to raise £10,000 to help educate impoverished children and inspire the next generation in hope for a better tomorrow…

We will also be hosting a series of events around the world to help the most vulnerable – through blood donation drives and much more. Click here to see all events around the world.

Get involved with the campaign!

1. Inspire hope for a better tomorrow

We are fundraising £10,000 for Room to Read. Room to Read is a charity that strives to improve literacy in the Third World. £10, 000 will provide comprehensive support for 50 children for a year.

Money raised shall go towards purchasing items such as books and uniforms, alongside setting up each child for success by connecting them up with mentors who support them academically to ensure they get the most out of the opportunities on offer. Find out more about the scheme here.

2. Attend a Who is Hussain event

Who is Hussain reps around the world will be hosting a series of events designed to give back to society’s most vulnerable and needy. There will also be awareness events aiming to share the story of Hussain with the general public. Click here to find an event near you »

3. Share how #HussainInspires you

We want you to share how Hussain and his stand inspires you on social media using the hashtag #HussainInspires. We have designed some ready-made posters for you to use as profile pictures and cover photos. Click here to download more »

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