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Abbas: The valiant and loyal brother of Hussain

Who was Abbas, the brother of Hussain, and what role did he play in supporting Hussain's uprising against tyranny and oppression?

The persecution and resilience of the Christians of Iraq

Christians in Iraq are proud of their religion. They are determined to adhere to their principles, and to defend the truth – no matter what...

8 inspiring lessons from the life of Ali Zayn Al-Abidin – The son of Hussain

Ali, like his father Hussain, has left a legacy which lives on to this day – one of love, compassion and social justice. Here are...

Why is happiness so fundamental to our wellbeing?

“We all want to be happy and we want the people we love to be happy.”

#InternationalWomensDay – A Spotlight On The Activities Of Who Is Hussain

Wednesday 8th March 2017 marks the 106th officially recognised International Women’s Day (IWD). The original aim – to achieve full gender equality for women around...

The Incredible Women Behind Who is Hussain – Our Female Volunteers

This year’s International Women’s Day calls upon the world to #BeBoldForChange. Who is Hussain would like to take this opportunity to highlight the phenomenal work...

The gift of life

From Rumi to Richard Branson, the value of giving is something that has not gone unrecognised over the centuries.  Furthermore, most spiritual and religious traditions...

Food and water – two of life’s necessities

There are 795 million undernourished people in the world today.  A similar number, 1 in 9 people, remain without access to an improved source of...

The Altruistic Nature of Hussain ibn Ali

1433 years ago, to the day, a man was born whose legacy has inspired every subsequent generation.  That man was Hussain: the son of Ali and...

The Rise of Fascism: A Global Resurgence of a System of Hatred

The term fascism is an evocative one.  More often than not it recalls images of Nazism and abhorrent acts perpetrated in the early 20th century.  Fascism...