Building Homes, Restoring Hope

It was not just a house. It was the home, the shelter, the hope that it provided. 

At Who is Hussain we are not just building homes –  but we are building and restoring hope

Our global teams take to their communities to spread values of compassion and kindness through an array of work, selflessly undertaking projects and activities that are most required. 

Amongst the various acts of kindness, some of our teams have been participating in building and restoring houses for underprivileged and low-income families, particularly in New York, USA; Zanzibar, Tanzania and Beirut, Lebanon. 

Who is Hussain NYC/NJ x Habitat for Humanity x Grace Church NY

“What better foundation for a home than one that is built by strangers coming together in the name of humanity.”

It all started in late 2017, when Who is Hussain NYC/NJ volunteers collaborated with Grace Church NY and Habitat for Humanity to help restore and repair a series of decaying –  though in use – community centres and housing settlements in the city. 

This project led onto something on a much larger scale with ‘The House that Grace Built’, where Who is Hussain volunteers united in efforts to build a house for a family in need. This initiative which saw individuals and groups of all faiths and none come together for one cause: to provide a family with a roof over their heads. The finishing touches were made in early 2018, however our team were still not finished!








Driven by a desire to effect real change, the team embarked on yet another collaborative project with Grace Church of New York and Habitat for Humanity. This time, however, Who is Hussain NYC/NJ would not only dedicate their voluntary time, but also set out to raise 50% of the funds required to build ‘Unity House’. 

The appropriately named residence would be a unique home that would not only provide shelter to a family in great need of it, but would also be the culmination of over 1,700 voluntary hours and the unification of communities from different faiths and backgrounds.   

Working in all weather conditions, volunteers finally completed ‘Unity House’ in June 2019. The beneficiary family, who also worked alongside the volunteers, were ready to move in. 

Who is Hussain Zanzibar – building homes for families

 “A roof over your head without the fear of the house falling over your family is a nightmare for many living in Zanzibar”

With the majority of houses in rural Zanzibar made from mud and other unstable materials, the harsh conditions of the monsoon season make them virtually uninhabitable. Families are already living in insufferable conditions, but the weather just makes it much worse.      

Who is Hussain Zanzibar knew they had to do something. Starting in mid-2019 they dedicated their time, funds and efforts to various projects in the remote village of Kachongwa, where people were living in dire conditions. They needed help. Supporting the village in various ways to ensure its sustainability – including refurbishing a well to provide a clean source of water – the team also managed to raise funds to build a small house for a family in need. 

Built in just over two months, the house was finally complete in July 2019, ready for the family to move in.    







Following the success of this first housing project, the Zanzibar team were determined to continue to provide more sustainable housing for others. One such project was brought to light by the District Commissioner Mhe Hamida. The team naturally decided to take immediate action. 

In a span of just eight weeks, they managed to raise funds and build a second house for a larger family of 11, handing it over in July of this year in a glorious unveiling ceremony. Having an architect on the team, who designed the house and assisted in its construction, certainly benefited the timely completion. 

Who is Hussain Lebanon

Finally, following the catastrophic blast in Beirut on 4 August 2020, over 300,000 people were left homeless. Our team in Lebanon are on a mission to restore and repair as many homes as possible that have been severely damaged. 








Primarily aiding at least 30 low income and underprivileged families, the team are raising funds to enable their houses to be repaired, and to restore hope to the people of Beirut. The restoration work however, cannot begin without our help

To find out more about this campaign and donate to this worthy cause visit:

These projects have all been unique in more ways than one. The homes these teams have built and continue to restore are not merely buildings – they are icons of hope, stability and the promise of a better life. Built by dedicated volunteers, generous donors, unified communities, these homes provide underprivileged families who may otherwise not have the means with a sanctuary they can call their own.


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