Black Lives Matter: A statement of solidarity and a declaration of intent from Who is Hussain

At Who is Hussain, we want to be clear. #BlackLivesMatter.

  • Ahmaud Arbery
  • Aiyana Stanley-Jones
  • Akai Gurley
  • Alesia Thomas
  • Alton Sterling
  • Amadou Diallo
  • Atatiana Jefferson
  • Botham Shem Jean
  • Breanna Taylor
  • Darnesha Harris
  • Eric Garner
  • Freddie Gray
  • George Floyd
  • Gregg Gunn
  • Jamar Clark
  • Kathryn Johnston
  • Keith Scott
  • Kendra James
  • Korryn Gaines
  • Malissa Williams
  • Mario Woods
  • Michael Brown
  • Pamela Turner
  • Philando Castile
  • Ramarley Graham
  • Rekia Boyd
  • Samuel Dubose
  • Sandra Bland
  • Sean Bell
  • Shantel Davis
  • Shelly Frey
  • Shereese Francis
  • Stephon Clark
  • Tamir Rice
  • Tarika Wilson
  • Terrence Crutcher
  • Timothy Russell
  • Trayvon Martin
  • Tyisha Miller
  • Walter Scott
  • Yvette Smith

…and countless more around the world. Say their names.


“Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves” – Hussain ibn Ali

At Who is Hussain, we want to be clear. #BlackLivesMatter.

We stand in solidarity with those bravely opposing racial injustices. We recognise that words only mean so much. To be truly anti-racist, we must adopt a long-term commitment to a lifetime of practice, self-scrutiny and, most importantly, action. We must recognise our own privileges, our own behaviours and our own racism. We must also stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.

As a global grassroots movement for social justice, we will be making donations to organisations best placed on the ground to make an impact and create long-term change, and who work to support those facing police brutality. We stand alongside NAACP, Know Your Rights and Color of Change at this time.

We ask you to consider doing the same. A broader list of organisations you can support can be found below.

We are hurt, we are angry and we are in pain. Our teams in the United States will be actively working to support the struggle for racial justice by challenging the status quo, collaborating with local organisations, as well as contributing towards long-term solutions rooting out the causes of racial injustice. In addition, we will be using our platform to leverage our global community to educate on how we can all be better allies in this struggle.

Who is Hussain urges our followers and volunteers around the world to keep the black community’s struggle in your thoughts, and to learn how you can become a more authentic ally.

We’re prepared to feel uncomfortable, to make mistakes – but to keep challenging ourselves and to keep learning.



Organisations you may wish to support and donate to are listed below. We encourage you to do your own research to identify the ones that you feel are most at need.


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