Mission Green: Reps in Karachi plant 550 trees

In the past year, climate change and the rise of heat waves in Pakistan have claimed the lives of 1300 people, with the weather reaching highs of 45 degrees Celsius. Among the many reasons for climate change, the main cause for concern in this region was the lack of trees and greenery. As such, the Who Is Hussain representatives in Karachi, Pakistan, decided to launch the ‘Mission Green’ campaign in an attempt to leave a small imprint on their community and the wider world.

Hussain ibn Ali remains an inspiration for those who want to help others. The impact of his struggle continues to help future generations. Hence, the Karachi team thought of the best way to also make an attempt to help their future generations, by facilitating their growth in a better and healthier environment.

who is hussain - karachi - mission green - 1With this, members of the team, alongside dedicated volunteers, came together in order to plant trees across different areas in Karachi. This was namely at Jheel Park, beside the Khaled bin Waleed Hockey Ground and throughout the Gulistan society. Beneath the trees, signs were placed up reading, “I give you fresh air 12 hours a day, can you not water me once a day?” These were installed in an attempt to encourage all who pass by to stop and water the new saplings.

A total of 550 trees were planted across three different drives with the volunteers growing from 15 to 90 across these three sessions. Furthermore, they planted the Gul Mohar, Neem and Amaltaas trees as these are the plants that are best suited for the climate of Karachi.

Shahrukh Ali, a representative if the drive has said that “today, human life and the environment is in danger and to plant trees is what we can do to combat this. Our motive is to produce cleaner air for our future generations so that they do not suffer. All we ask for in return is for people to water these new trees and for them to play their part.”

Another volunteer said, “Last year, we supplied water, ice and such necessities to hospitals for those who were suffering from the heat – but this year we thought, why not so something to help our future generations that will hopefully prevent such extreme heat waves in the future.”

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