We are building compassionate communities around the world, inspired by Hussain.

What we do

Striving for a selfless & just society!

With society as divided as it has been, the example of Hussain inspires us. We aim to build a more selfless society, with our teams all around the world engaging in random acts of kindness, not for a reward but because it is the right thing to do.

Our Mission

A global movement of compassion.

The stand of Hussain has spurred a global social justice movement. With over 90 teams in 5 continents around the world feeding, clothing and supporting the oppressed, we aim to stand up for social justice and against all forms of social injustice.

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Global Reps - Countries (red bg)

Who is Hussain?

Inspired by Hussain’s timeless legacy.

Hussain’s timeless legacy belongs to all of humanity, and demand we not just listen to his story but act on his inspiration. We believe our teams embody the selfless values of Hussain and spread his principles through action and not just words.


18 months ago, Who is Hussain set out with a vision.  A vision to unite communities worldwide to donate blood.

Inspired by the life and legacy of Hussain ibn Ali, Global Blood Heroes around the world contributed 37,018 blood donations on the 27 of August 2022, potentially saving over 110,000 lives.

Across 350+ donation sites in 27 countries, a new world record has been made for the largest number of blood donations collected in a single calendar day.

This news comes as millions from around the world come together on the day of Arbaeen to commemorate the life & legacy of Hussain, the figure after whom this organisation was named.  You can learn more about Arbaeen here.

We extend our sincerest thanks to every single donor of blood, each one of the 2,190 volunteers who came together to organise this event, and our partnering blood donor organisations.  Each person and organisation involved is a testament to the power of what we can achieve when we work for the common good.

Every single donor is a true hero.  We encourage you to be one too, to sign up below – and support the organisation.