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Hope in the
Age of Social Inequality

Addressing the issues of social inequality, seeking to bring about movement and positive change through a sense of hope.


Sandy Hudson
Founder BLM Movement in Canada

Bob Zellner
Civil Rights Activist & Author

Carolyn Casey
Executive Director & Founder of Project 351

Rana Abdelhamid
Grassroots Community Organiser

Ali Alvi (Host)
Regional Team Leader for Who is Hussain



This year has been a very difficult for everyone, particularly people who are disadvantaged in society. Inspired by Hussain, this campaign aims to build hope; through belief in a greater tomorrow, and the bravery to take a stand for what you believe in!

Action Toolkit

Join our global movement to build an army of hope.

We are building a world-first grassroots platform to give you the  resources you need to take positive action, for social justice causes based on your location. As we build this platform, we welcome your ideas to ensure this platform can effectively mobilise local action in your community.

Geo-location specific social justice causes
Easily access resources to take positive action
Highlight causes local to your community

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Inspired by the
legacy of Hussain.

This campaign is inspired by Hussain, a revolutionary leader who gave everything he had to make the ultimate stand for moral justice. In the face of  brutal oppression, Hussain had hope in something greater and the courage to stand his ground.


Get involved with one of our teams near you!

We have over 90 teams in cities around the world that you can volunteer with. Our teams host regular events to help people most in need, such as food drives for homeless people, blood donation drives to save lives as well as other initiatives to help build a more just society.

Find a Who is Hussain team or event near you. You can also start your own team in your city!

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