Hussain inspires

Helping the helpless, inspired by Hussain.

This campaign seeks to share the inspirational story of Hussain with people from all walks of life, regardless of religion of creed. We aim to build a caring and compassionate society, worldwide.

Hussain inspires millions of people around the world to stand for social justice and give back to their community. Hussain was a 7th century leader who made the ultimate stand for his society in the face of brutal corruption.

Hussain inspires millions across the world.

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Our volunteer teams in 90 cities worldwide will be organising local events to help the most vulnerable!

From feeding the hungry, helping the homeless and even donating blood to save lives. You can attend and volunteer at events organised by our teams, or start your own team in your city! Alternatively, you can get involved by sharing our content on social media using the hashtag #HussainInspires.

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