Who is Hussain?

Hussain was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate stand for moral justice. His legacy inspires millions to strive for a just society.

Hussain gave everything he had for the dignity of his society in the face of corruption – forever changing the course of history. Today, his selfless stand gives hope to people of all backgrounds.

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Learn more about Hussain & how his legacy is inspiring people around the world to build a morally just society.


Early life

Hussain was renown for his honour and integrity.

Hussain was born in 626 AD in the city of Medina, where he was raised by a family renowned for their honesty, compassion & justice.

As a young child, Hussain witnessed his grandfather – the Prophet Muhammad – strive to establish a morally just society. Prior to the rise of Muhammad and the advent of Islam, Arabian society was plagued by tribal feuds and gross inequality.

It was in this context Hussain developed his principles and as a young man was widely respected across the lands for his integrity.

His Struggle

Hussain refused to pledge allegiance to a corrupt tyrant.

Shortly after the demise of Prophet Muhammad, a power struggle divided the people which led to the rise of a despotic tyrant.

Hussain witnessed his society’s moral decline after his grandfather passed away. A series of civil wars had fractured the nation and paved the way for oppressive leaders to cease control.

Subsequently, a man called Yazid gained full power. Yazid was widely regarded as a corrupt narcissist who wanted to rule with an iron fist. To give legitimacy to his own rule, Yazid demanded Hussain’s allegiance, threatening him with his life.

Hussain refused. Hussain knew that if he gave his allegiance to a man like Yazid there would be no turning back for his society. In a powerful sermon, he said: “I did not rise up for the cause of wickedness, amusement, corruption or oppression, but I rose up to reform the nation of my grandfather. I want to promote virtue and prevent vice.”

“Death with dignity is better than a life of humiliation.”

Hussain ibn Ali

The Battle

Hussain made the ultimate sacrifice for moral justice.

Hussain resisted the pressure from Yazid and spoke out against his illegitimate rule. Despite threats of violence, Hussain remained steadfast and was prepared to give his own life.

Hussain did not want Yazid ruthless forces to attack his city and risk civilians lives. Along with his family and 72 companions, Hussain made his way towards the East seeking to gain support for his uprising whilst avoiding violence. It was on this journey Hussain, his family and companions were forced to stop by an army of over 30,000, on the hot plains of a land called Karbala (present day Iraq).

Yazid’s forces cut the supply of water for Hussain’s family and companions, including women and children. In 680 AD, after three days of no water and food in the scorching heat, Hussain stood and fell valiantly in what is known as The Battle of Karbala. Hussain died defending those around him being oppressed and whilst standing for his principles.

His legacy

Hussain’s timeless legacy inspires millions until today.

Through this tragic end but heroic act of sacrifice, Hussain was ultimately victorious. His death became the catalyst for revolutionary change and led to the collapse of Yazid’s tyrannic rule. Hussain stood by his principles till the very end, and his legacy continues to inspire millions around the world.

From civil rights leaders to volunteers at local charities – centuries later, people across the world are empowered by his selflessness, courage and determination. The story of Hussain ibn Ali stands as an inspiration to all, no matter what colour or creed.

Hussain, his values and his stand are the underlying foundations for our organisation. Inspired by Hussain, our reps around the world in over 60 cities organise charitable events to help the homeless, feed the hungry and donate blood to save lives.

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Learn more about Hussain & how his legacy is inspiring people around the world to build a morally just society.