#Give Provides Life-Saving Surgeries to Children with CHD

Nearly 1 in every 100 babies born each year suffers from congenital heart disease. As part of the 2021 #Give campaign, Who is Hussain is raising money to provide life-saving surgery to 12 children from Iraq and India with congenital heart defects. Please consider donating today!

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is among the most common types of birth defects, affecting nearly 1 in every 100 babies born each year.

Congenital heart disease is an umbrella term encompasses a diversity of heart conditions that are present at birth, including abnormalities in the heart structure, electrical system, and great vessels that impact cardiovascular function. These very serious conditions threaten the physiological integrity of the body, leading to problems such as inhibited growth, delays in development, cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart failure. Because of this, surgical intervention plays a very important role in protecting and prolonging the lives of affected patients. In fact, an estimated 25% of children born with congenital heart disease will need heart surgery to survive.

While babies are born with congenital heart disease all around the world, mortality rate is not the same everywhere. This is mainly due to economic disparities and unequal access to quality medical care. The risk of dying from a congenital heart disease is higher in developing countries in Africa and Asia, in places where a child may not have access to proper screening, surgery, and paediatric care.

In recognizing the growing need for life-saving intervention, Who is Hussain founded the annual #GIVE campaign.

#Give is supported by people all around the world united by a shared desire to help some of the most vulnerable members of our global community. Coinciding with the month of Ramadan, which is observed by over a billion people worldwide, this initiative speaks to the innate generosity of spirit displayed by humanity and reflected in Hussain ibn Ali’s example. Since 2016, Who is Hussain has been raising money to fund cardiac surgery and medical treatment for young children suffering from congenital heart disease. Since the launch of the Give Life campaign in 2016, we have raised £37,600 and provided 24 children with successful cardiac surgeries. This year, we turn our attention to the children of Iraq and India, whose economic and health struggles have been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of our teams on the ground in Iraq and Bangalore, as well as the valued partnership of The Laureate Trust, we are able to identify children in need, and arrange for the safe travel, surgery, and aftercare for children and their families. Under the supervision of the distinguished and trusted Dr. Devy Shetty, children undergo cardiac surgeries and medical treatment at Narayana Health City Hospital.

With your support, we can provide life-saving treatment for children with congenital heart defects. Your donation is directly applied towards the costs of surgery, including pre-op assessment, investigations, surgical procedure and the aftercare (ITU and ward transfer until recovery). With your help, we hope to raise £20k during the 2021 #Give campaign and change the lives of 12 children for the better. Every cent donated is a testament to our shared humanity, and renews our commitment to caring for one another by providing each other health and safety.

Please consider contributing today.

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