The gift of life

From Rumi to Richard Branson, the value of giving is something that has not gone unrecognised over the centuries.  Furthermore, most spiritual and religious traditions frame charity as the means to receiving divine providence.

Giving in all its forms is recognised as a selfless act in response to a recognised need.  That need may be material or of a more intangible nature.  One of the Arabic words for giving charity, sadaqah, is, in fact, derived from the same stem as the word for truth which suggests that giving alms is no optional matter but an essential reality and necessity.

Hussain ibn Ali’s principled stand in Karbala 1400 years ago was epitomised by an honourable death – paradoxically highlighting the absolute essentiality of a life with dignity.

The gift of life is more precious than any other.  What better time than the holy month of Ramadan – a month that encourages boundless generosity of spirit and deeds – to help give life?

Who is Hussain aims to raise £10,000 during this month to help orphans and needy children in the poorest parts of the world obtain life-saving surgeries; procedures they simply wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Click here to donate and make a direct difference to someone’s life.

Death with dignity is better than a life of humiliation” – Hussain ibn Ali


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