Hussain Inspires – Who is Hussain 2015 campaign review (video)

In 2015 we asked you to share how Hussain inspires you, and you responded. Who is Hussain reps and volunteers from all across came together to tell the world about Hussain ibn Ali through charity and public events.

From people volunteering to decorate the homes of the elderly for christmas, to blood donation drives and feeding the homeless – people from around the world shared what Hussain means to them through remarkable acts of kindness.

  • 75+ charity and public awareness events
  • 661 blood donations across 13 events
  • 865 homeless people fed/supported in 5 events
  • 2000 people attended 4 candle-light vigils
  • 4000 blankets and 1000 tents were donated in India
  • 4882 packs of food were distributed to the homeless/poor
  • 26,000 leaflets were handed out
  • 91,000 bottles of water were distributed
  • 140,000 people visited
  • 265,000 page views on
  • 640,000 people engaged on Facebook
  • 10,000,000 people reached on Facebook

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in spreading the message of Hussain ibn Ali. Hussain stood for social justice, dignity and humanitarian values. His legacy continues to inspire millions across the world…

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