Our global response to the Covid-19 pandemic [Infographic]

Since the global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic over four months ago, Who is Hussain teams around the world have readily responded to aid, support and protect their local communities.

Under the umbrella of our #40Neighbours campaign, volunteers have mobilised to help the most vulnerable in their localities during these unprecedented and difficult times. These teams have put in phenomenal levels of effort to ensure that those in need have access to the help and care they require.

Support has come in many shapes and sizes: grocery essentials, hot meals, hygiene packs, PPE equipment, setting up hand sanitation stations and helplines to offer advice. There have also been numerous online activities, from raising awareness on pandemic-related issues, to granting hope for a post-pandemic time.

For as long as it is needed, our teams will continue to help. Here are the highlights of the work Who is Hussain has done to date across five continents:

We thank you for your continued support, without which, none of this would be possible. To further get involved, or to find out more about this campaign, click here.

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