#GIVE campaign: 7 year old undergoes successful major heart operation

Back in June 2016, Who is Hussain launched our #GIVE campaign which saw over 90,000 individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds being fed in cities across the world. As part of the campaign we raised £20,000 to sponsor lifesaving surgeries for children in war-torn Iraq.

The second child to receive life changing surgery as part of our #Give Campaign is 7-year-old Karrar Ali from Iraq. He underwent a major heart operation earlier this month (November 2016) in India to correct the Tetralogy of Fallot he was born with. Karrar Ali is now recovering well.

His father said “When my son was born, the doctor had assured me he will not live more than a year. I was devastated. I prayed and my son lived for 7 years. Today he underwent a successful operation – my prayers have been answered.”

To all those who donated and assisted he said “you all are a blessing in disguise. Your reward for such a noble deed is more than just my thank you. I will pray for God to reward each one of you in this life and the hereafter. Continue working with such dedication as we need more people like you in this world”.

Kerrar Ali is the second child to have undergone surgery. He follows 2 year old Fatima who had surgery last month – you can read more about her here.

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